Fragments of Mirrors

“Hiding in Plain Sight” by June Ahrens

I wanted to create this site to share the knowledge and wisdom that I have learned from others throughout my life. While there are no defined answers to most the issues in life, there are many ways to cope or to gain perspective.

Just like a fragment of a mirror still reflects light, I believe that every part of life is a fragment of truth. I do not judge anyone based on their age, gender, race, culture, appearance, sexuality, religion, political beliefs, disability, intellect, etc. I view our differences as an opportunity to learn and grow, and find balance within ourselves and our life.

My point of view on life was adapted from another woman’s religious beliefs:

Shattered Crystal Ball

“God created a crystal ball that was the true religion. God then dropped it and it shattered into tiny little fragments. Each fragment was a part of the truth, but it was not the complete truth. In her view, each fragment represented a different religion and different denomination.”

My point of view is simply that: my point of view. You can agree or disagree. That is the right of every person. We all have our own opinions, experiences, insights, and thoughts. There are many sides to every story. This is my story.

This Site Is Intended For People 18 Years And Older