The “Holes”

Many times in life, we face trauma, heartaches, and tribulations. We all have experienced this. It often leads to a feeling of having a “hole” in our lives or heart.

Some of the things that can create such holes include abuse, rape, neglect, abandonment, death, rejection, discrimination, bullying, etc.

This hole can never be filled. It will be with us for the rest of our lives. What happened, happened. The past is the past. We cannot change it no matter how hard we try. So how is it possible to move on?

Simple. You build around the hole. When you focus solely on the negative things in your past, your whole life seems to consist of only those traumas. But if you expand your life, those traumas will seem smaller… Not because they grow smaller, but because your world grows bigger.

Things such as education, support, friends, careers, groups, hobbies, and even therapy can help expand your life. Nothing needs to be fixed. You are not broken. You simply need to grow!