Collages are a fun art project that can capture aspects of your life. There are many different materials you can use: pictures, newspapers, magazines, clip art, etc. It’s an inexpensive way to express your likes, dislikes, joys, and pains.

Examples of my collages:

2000 Collage

Magazine collage; expresses the influences on society back in 2000

Motherhood Collage

Magazine collage; expresses my dream of being a mother

 Who I Am Collage

A photo collage; made to remind myself of all the things I enjoy in my life.

Collage of Dogs

A photo collage; my dogs

 Examples of other collages:

Cat Mosaic Collage

Photo collage using pictures of cats

The Art of the Dollar

 The Art of the Dollar by Mark Wagner

Mosaic Face

Mosaic picture of a baby