Metal Embossing

Material Needed:

Aluminum Metal Foil

  • 36 Gauge (copper and silver)
  • 38 Gauge (colors)

Empty Soda Cans (Remove paint and cut off the ends)

Specific Embossing Tool
Plastic Spoons
Popsicle Sticks

Foundation for Impressions:
Foam Board
Cork Board

Shoe Polish

How To:

Print out or draw your design on a piece of paper.
Tape the edges of your metal sheet to the piece of paper with your template design.
Using a stylus, trace over the lines of your template design. Use as little pressure as possible.
Remove the paper and tape from the metal sheet.
Deepen the lines on the metal sheet using the stylus of your preference.
You can also color in, scratch, or use other methods to fill in your design.