Monarch Butterflies

 Monarch Butterfly Plant

Tropical Milkweed (Asclepias Curassavica)


Tropical Milkweed attracts Monarch Butterflies to lay their eggs. It is the only food source that Monarch Caterpillar eat.

Zone: Tropical (9 to 11)
Height: 4 feet
Sun: Light shade to full sun
Bloom: Yellow to red
Water Requirement: 3 times a week
Misc.: Easy to replant cuttings and to grow seeds. Plants eaten by butterflies will regrow.
Warning: Sap is dangerous to eyes

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle

Egg (3-4 days)
Larva (Caterpillar; 10-14 days)
Pupa (Chrysalis; 10-14 days)

Monarch Butterflies produce four generations in one year:

March/April – 1st generation is born
May/June – 2nd generation is born
July/August – 3rd generation is born
Sept/Oct – the 4th generation is born

The first, second, and third generations tend to live for 6-8 weeks. The fourth generation tends to live for 6-8 months. It migrates south to Mexico or Southern California for hibernation. They begin awakening and mating in February/March of the next spring, and then lay their eggs.

Monarch Butterflies

*All pictures of the Monarch Butterflies (caterpillars and chrysalis) are butterflies that were grown from my own Tropical Milkweed on my patio!

(Thank you T for suggesting the plant!!!)