150 Often Overlooked Blessings…

By Sarah Ban Breathnach

  1. Faith. Faith in a spirit possessing greater strength, wisdom, power and love than you do. Faith in the ultimate goodness of Life. Faith in yourself. Faith that as you seek, you will find.
  2. The dream that will not die because you were born to love it into full being.
  3. Answered prayers.
  4. The kindness of strangers.
  5. The warmth and security of home. Crossing the threshold and closing the door after a hard day.
  6. Expressions of unconditional love and support.
  7. Your health. The health of those you love.
  8. That moment of relief when you realize that the pain has subsided.
  9. A job that provides steady income while you pursue your dreams.
  10. Feeling the presence of Spirit in your life.
  11. Sinking into a warm, softly scented bath after a stressful day.
  12. The aroma of something delicious wafting from the kitchen.
  13. Not having to cook tonight.
  14. Your boundless imagination.
  15. When hope is restored.
  16. Following your intuition and being delighted that you did.
  17. Daydreams. Reveries. Textured, technicolor nightscapes of happiness and good fortune that have you awakening with a smile.
  18. Twelve hours uninterrupted sleep.
  19. Breakfast in bed.
  20. Serenity as you pay bills.
  21. Acceptance after struggle.
  22. Seeing him or her and having your heart skip a beat.
  23. Seeing him or her and finally feeling nothing.
  24. Completely and utterly surrendering to what is and then waiting expectantly for the good that is to come.
  25. An afternoon to do as you please.
  26. Doing a great job and having it and your efforts appreciated.
  27. Holding your child in your arms.
  28. Delighting in other people’s children.
  29. Witnessing the birth of new life.
  30. The times when your ideas “clicked” with others.
  31. The fragrance of a vacation day.
  32. The beach. The feel of the sand beneath your feet, the salty breeze, the warming rays of the sun.
  33. A walk in the woods and becoming aware of life all around you.
  34. Trying something new and loving it.
  35. The desire for knowledge.
  36. Two hours in a wonderful bookstore.
  37. Waking up early enough to watch the sun rise with a cup of tea or coffee.
  38. Watching the sunset.
  39. Meeting a kindred spirit.
  40. Meeting your soul mate(s) and recognizing that you have known each other before.
  41. The moment when the veil is lifted from both your eyes and you know that you know….
  42. Hearing a piece of music that instantly touches your soul.
  43. Being able to add that music to your collection immediately.
  44. Reading a passage in a book or a poem that expresses exactly how you feel.
  45. Memorizing a beautiful piece of poetry and sharing it with another in conversation.
  46. Holding hands.
  47. Having a congenial conversation with a stranger on a plane, train, or bus.
  48. Successfully hailing a cab in rush hour.
  49. A nap.
  50. Realizing that there are no coincidences.
  51. Nailing the punch line in a favorite joke.
    Hearing their laughter.
  52. Relishing a wonderful movie. Liking it so much you want to see it again as the credits roll. Seeing it again.
  53. Laughing so hard, you can’t catch your breath and your sides ache.
  54. The sacred release of a good cry.
  55. Bringing joy, happiness, and comfort to another person or creature.
  56. The loyal, loving companionship of pets.
  57. Feeling you’re part of a loving and supportive community or church.
  58. Finding a parking space exactly when you need one.
  59. Summoning up the courage to surmount a challenge.
  60. Taking tiny and big risks and having them pay off.
  61. Investing time, creative energy, and emotion in yourself, then reaping the rich harvest of authentic success sown by Love.
  62. Coming in after being caught in a soaking thunderstorm, getting out of wet clothes and becoming warm and dry.
  63. Meeting a deadline.
  64. Making it to the game just in time to see her hit her first home run.
  65. Friendship that endures and thrives despite the obstacles of time and distance.
  66. Being able to trust another human being.
  67. The experience of a pleasant deja vu. The moment you realize it doesn’t have to be deja vu all over again unless you want it to.
  68. Wisdom gleaned through life experiences (both yours and others). Knowing how to use it.
  69. Speaking another language.
  70. Reading a book that changes your life.
  71. Receiving flowers.
  72. Moving on.
  73. Letting go gracefully without regrets.
  74. The first morsel of your favorite comfort food.
  75. Savoring the scents of life (flowers, food, your lover, the earth your child’s hair.)
  76. The fresh feeling that immediately comes after a shower and washing your hair.
  77. Being able to travel; the adventure of new places.
  78. Room service.
  79. The support and loving presence of sisters and/or brothers. Achieving a long sought after goal. The moment when your accomplishment emotionally registers.
  80. Feeling a sense of pride in yourself.
  81. Wishing upon a star. Having your wish come true.
  82. Finding your perfect scent.
  83. Making eye contact and smiling with a gorgeous stranger.
  84. A dance partner who makes you feel like Ginger Rogers (or Fred Astaire).
  85. That person who takes your breath away when you are near or feel him or her next to you.
  86. The first kiss.
  87. Being with a person with whom you can communicate with out words.
  88. The moment you realize you’d marry your spouse all over again.
  89. Sharing the holidays with people you really want to be with.
  90. Easily switching carpool days.
  91. Finding, having and wearing something that makes you feel special.
  92. Saying “no” to the bake sale without guilt.
  93. A miracle.
  94. Bargains at thrift shops, flea markets, garage sales.
  95. The sense of relief throwing stuff out brings.
  96. Your mentor.
  97. The individual who inspired your career and made you believe that there is nothing as real as a dream.
  98. The person who believed in you when you weren’t able to believe in yourself.
  99. A fortune cookie with just the right message.
  100. The precious lingering memory of your mother’s sweet scent. The comforting memory of your father’s hand.
  101. Being able to provide for the needs and wants of your loved ones.
  102. The moment you are able to distinguish between your needs and your wants.
  103. Watching others enjoy your creations, whether its a meal, flowers from your garden, or a pair of pants you just ironed.
  104. Being able to make clear, conscious, creative choices.
  105. Air-conditioning on an excruciatingly hot and humid day.
  106. Being upgraded to first class.
  107. The contentment of sitting before a roaring fire on a winter’s evening.
  108. Receiving a love letter. Writing one.
  109. All of the tragedy you and yours have escaped.
  110. Becoming fascinated in a subject and learning more about it.
  111. Hearing the words, “I love you”.
  112. The awareness of innocence.
  113. The long awaited phone call with good news.
  114. When the repair bill is less than you’d expected.
  115. A sense of humor during good AND rough patches.
  116. Not losing your temper.
  117. Giving and receiving forgiveness after a painful estrangement.
  118. Perfect timing.
  119. Fitting into last year’s clothes.
  120. Knowing a favorite book awaits you at the end of the day.
  121. Sleeping on the perfect pillow. The contentment of being wrapped in a favorite blanket, quilt, or goose-down comforter.
  122. Sharing your aspirations for the future with a close friend.
  123. Reawakening an old passion; discovering a new one.
  124. The haven of a comforting shoulder to cry on; the warming embrace of a loved one.
  125. Pampering yourself.
  126. Listening to the whispers of your authentic self and taking her or his advice.
  127. The generosity and hospitality of good neighbors.
  128. Family and friends who remember funny or uplifting stories about your past that you’ve forgotten and share them with you.
  129. Finding a lost pet.
  130. Rediscovering old family photos.
  131. Playing hooky.
  132. The intimate bond of friendship that protects, nurtures, inspires, and comforts.
  133. The man or woman in your life who is neither a past nor present love but simply a precious friend who adores you.
  134. Waking up to a perfectly beautiful day for a planned outdoor event.
  135. Working with people you enjoy being around.
  136. Working with people who are pleasant, kind, funny, considerate, and who honor your contribution.
  137. An opportunity to interview for the dream job. Getting it.
  138. Receiving the perfect gift. Finding one for someone else.
  139. Catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and delighting in what you see.
  140. Having your child appreciate your sense of humor.
  141. An unexpected compliment that makes your day.
  142. Enjoying the company of smart, witty, savvy people, delighting in stimulating conversation and holding your own.
  143. Completing the crossword puzzle without help.
  144. Looking fabulous at your class reunion. Being alive to go to your class reunion. Having the nerve to go to your class reunion.
  145. Listening to the oldies and recalling happy moments.
  146. A rare, relaxing break with your co-worker during a hectic day.
  147. Paying off your credit card balance.
  148. Coming up with the perfect retort at the moment you need it and not two hours later.
  149. The sound of raindrops on your roof at night.
  150. Friends and family who can both truly rejoice with you and console in times of sorrow.