20 Ways to Positive Self-Esteem

  1. Spend at least 30 minutes a day relaxing/reflecting.
  2. Get some sort of physical exercise at least three times a week.
  3. Get a massage at least once or twice a month; you deserve it.
  4. Give and get at least three hugs a day.
  5. Remember to appreciate yourself at the end of each day for all the little (and big) accomplishments of the day. Focus on the positive.
  6. Be an inverse paranoid. The world is plotting to do you good. Expect this. Remember, you are more likely to get what you expect.
  7. Keep your self-talk positive. Keep correcting yourself. Ask others you trust to correct you as well.
  8. Remain open to feedback. It is the universe’s way of telling you that you are off-course. Take it in and correct. The universe is programmed to assist you.
  9. Be persistent in achieving you goals. Remember, there is no such thing as failure; just a delay in achieving your result. Participate; stay in the game. Keep taking steps. You’ll learn a lot on the way.
  10. Ask, until you get. Keep asking. Other people are not mind readers. Tell them what you want and make it easy for them to give it.
  11. Allow people to assist you. You deserve it.
  12. Say no when you want to. Take care of yourself. Your time is one of your most precious commodities. Use it for your highest good.
  13. Surround yourself with supportive people. Avoid toxic people.
  14. Express your love and appreciation for people in your life.
  15. Remember that it is okay to express your feelings, if you do it assertively.
  16. Also, remember that you are responsible for your feelings. Nobody else is; just you. (Responsibility is NOT the same as blame).
  17. Pay attention to the triggers that lead to low self-esteem (i.e. words, gestures, or circumstances with which you’re sensitive). Take responsibility (not blame) for these sensitive issues and work on resolving them so you no longer feel victim to them.
  18. Lighten up, play more, schedule time for play and recreation, listen to comedy, laugh at yourself in a respectful way.
  19. Tell the total truth as soon as appropriate.
  20. Forgive yourself for the mistakes (even the big ones). Making mistakes is part of being human.