Is the Grass Greener?

Is The Grass Greener

The answer varies. Sometimes it is greener. Sometimes it only seems greener. And maybe greener grass isn’t the best option.

Of course, the “grass” in this situation is the figurative representation of our individual lives. It represents how people often compare themselves and their lives to others. But all that does is place unrealistic expectations on ourselves. You can never fully understand another person’s life: their sacrifices, struggles, effort, and pain. If we cannot judge a person unless we’ve walked a mile in their shoes, then it’s illogical to judge anyone seeing how we can never walk in someone else’s figurative shoes.

Point of View
Sometimes the “grass” only seems greener on the other side because of where we are standing.

If we are in a difficult place in our life, then someone else’s life might appear to be easier and fuller. We cannot see past our own pain. If we could step outside of ourselves, if only for a moment, we would see that person also has their own difficulties.

Some people have fake “grass”.

Many times people put on a façade as if everything is wonderful in their life. Most family photos show a happy loving family, but in reality they are all just putting on a charade. There are terms like “stepford” which refers to someone that seems so obedient and perfect; almost like a robot. But in reality, all individuals and relationships have imperfections, flaws, and pain.

More Time, Effort, and Fertilizer
Some grasses are greener simply because they have put more time and effort into maintaining it and more “manure”… Yes, more shit!

The more struggles we go through and cope with in life, the more resilient we become. We can never truly know the full extent of someone’s past. They may have found profound strength because they suffered from unimaginable things. The more challenges, the more experiences, and the more interactions usually imparts valuable knowledge and wisdom. The more effort we put into improving our lives, the more benefits we will reap.

Extra Help
Many people employ gardeners, friends, or family members to help them maintain their green grass.

In life, sometimes we must ask for help and sometimes help simply comes our way. It is up to us to seek out or accept assistance. There is nothing wrong or shameful about receiving help from others. In fact, without socializing and utilizing other people, humans wouldn’t have communication, culture, art, emotion, and a sense of self. It is through our relations that we develop and use these skills. We have professions in order to gain assistance from people who possess knowledge that we personally do not fully comprehend: doctors, lawyers, teachers, and even gardeners!

You might live in a desert. Or you might not like the responsibility that it takes to maintain green grass. That’s okay! Rock gardens can be just as beautiful as green grass.

We sometimes don’t get certain choices in life: where we live, what we can afford, who our family is, things that happened in the past, etc. But we do have the ability to learn from all of life’s experiences and to choose what to do with that information. There’s the saying: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” You can find your own little piece of happiness wherever you are in life. It is simply up to you to make it beautiful.

So it does not actually matter the color of grass you have or the type of garden you have. What matters is that you continue to improve it, maintain it, and make it yours!