Types of Dependencies

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  • Dependence:
    • Dependent people usually try to avoid responsibility, endlessly complain, blame others, tell lies and avoid the consequences of their actions. Dependent people avoid developing essential qualities and skills that support adult long-term happiness. They may demand or manipulate other people to do for them what they will not to do for themselves.
  • Co-dependence:
    • Relying on others to provide what we are not providing for ourselves.
  • Independence:
    • Being self-reliant, self-empowered and capable of providing our own needs, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. We are powerful within our own energy and know that we can rely on and provide for ourselves.
  • Interdependence:
    • Being a whole and balanced person who is able to share with and join in the healthy resources of life and others. This facilitates an even greater expansion in life than the independent stage, as we now have unlimited access to even more love, success and happiness than we could have provided for ourselves.