Ways People Release Anger

  1. The Actress – one who punches, hits, throws, has a good cry, shouts, is dramatic, mostly body language.
  2. The Big Talker – one who has verbal explosions and appropriateness doesn’t really matter.
    • The Leaker – talks about others with digs using the word “but”.
    • The Truth Teller – honesty is anger in disguise.
    • The Verbal Self-Hater – must publicize guilt.
  3. The Doer – works it off with physical activity (this is considered the best and the healthiest way).
  4. The Body Person – anger finds weak spots leading to some type of illness.
  5. The Corner Person – contemplates and repents bad behavior but doesn’t really get relief.
    • The Drowner – dull the hate they feel with alcohol and drugs.
    • The Self-Destroyer – despise anger so gets depressed.
  6. The Blamer -finds appropriate target and then hurls blame on them.
  7. The Stuffer – protective mechanism, has fears, feeling squelched with rewards.
  8. The Creator – Won’t let well enough alone, needs an excuse to let off steam, uses a scapegoat, has a large amount of generalized anger.
  9. The Comedienne – aggressive laughter discharges the repressed psychic energy or resentment, it is usable but can be overused.
  10. The Saboteur – has a mental block preventing individual from directly experiencing their emotions; is a chronic forgetter, always late, bored, interrupter, misrepresents self-intentions, and acts vague and stupid.